by One Win Choice

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    Second full length released March 1st, 2011 on Jump Start (USA) and Asscard Records (EU).

    13 songs on CD/LP.



    MAY 19TH - Leipzig, Germany @ Atari Rosa w/ Braindead
    MAY 20TH - Berlin, Germany @ Subversiv w/ Braindead
    MAY 22ND - Munster, Germany @ Baracke
    MAY 23RD - Eindhoven, Netherlands @ Kafee Aloys
    MAY 24TH - Nijmegen, Netherlands @ Ondebroek w/ Bridge and Tunnel
    MAY 25TH - Sint-Niklaaas, Belgium @ OJC Kompas
    MAY 26TH - Norwich, England @ Olive’s Cafe
    MAY 27TH - London, England @ The Black Heart
    MAY 28TH - Bristol, England @ The Croft
    MAY 29TH - Cambridge, England
    MAY 30TH - Manchester, England @ Kraak Gallery
    MAY 31ST - Newcastle, England @ TBA
    JUN 1ST - Glasgow, Scotland @ The Bay
    JUN 2ND - Edinburgh, Scotland @ Banshee’s Labyrinth
    JUN 3RD - Lincoln, England @ Crash Doubt Fest
    JUN 5TH - Bridgend, Wales @ Hobo’s
    JUN 6TH - Portsmouth, England @ Edge of the Wedge
    JUN 8TH - Boulogne San Mur, France @ Hijack
    JUN 9TH - Nantes, France @ La Scene Michelet w/ Nine Eleven
    JUN 11TH - La Rochelle, France @ Le Barbarella
    JUN 12TH - San Sebastian, Spain @ Mogambo Aretoa
    JUN 13TH - Toulouse, France @ La Dynamo
    JUN 14TH - Marseille, France @ O’Bundies
    JUN 15TH - Bern, Switzerland @ Dead End
    JUN 16TH - Bludenz, Austria @ Villa K
    JUN 17TH - Sanguinetto, Italy @ Mamma Mia
    JUN 19TH - Lugo, Italy @ Lughe
    JUN 20TH - Jlubljana, Slovenia @ Gromka
    JUN 21ST - Graz, Austria @ Sub
    JUN 22ND - Rotenturm, Austria @ GH Farkas
    JUN 23RD - Wiener Neustadt, Austria @ Triebwerk
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released March 1, 2011

Jump Start Records (USA) | Asscard Records (EU)

Drums & Vocals recorded at Skylight Studio by Vince Ratti.
Guitars & Bass recorded in Toms River, NJ by Dan and One Win Choice.
Mixed by Vince Ratti.
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music.



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One Win Choice New Jersey

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Track Name: Frame Your Favorite Pictures
Looking for an alien road, unbeaten paths, uncharted maps.
Opposite solutions and endpoints, rituals and roles.

The older we get the more time we spend watching oil burn from our lanterns.
Keep today closer than tomorrow, closer than next week, closer than next year.
Carving our own spaces.
Where there’s no one to hear us dream

Empty hands with emptied minds with tired feet and tired eyes we
run, so scared, run, so scared, the sweat, the worry, the fear is bringing us down.

Replace the destinations,
for the walk that’s in-between.
Looking for an alien road, unbeaten paths, uncharted maps.
Opposite solutions and endpoints, rituals and roles.

Frame your favorite pictures.
Write everything down.
Find your inspiration in the separation we’ve found.