Define / Redefine

by One Win Choice



7" EP / Digital Download available through Jump Start Records.


released February 1, 2009

Recorded/Mixed at Below Sea Level by Mike Rummel.
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side.



all rights reserved


One Win Choice New Jersey

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Track Name: Failure To Quit
With your loaded words and rhetoric
Spit to the face of the young and innocent
Your hardened eyes, once crystal clear, now jaded, blind.

And now the truth is out,
Like shallow words from shallow mouths,
All channels closed, lines of communication down.

I've seen concern leave a human face:
It's something to witness, something to witness
Like being lost and all alone

We've seen the tired run a tired race
It's run with hopelessness, it's run with hopelessness
A sinking permanence and closing in

Now flooded with fear and doubt
The trenches are dug we must stand our ground

These words won't die on our lips.
We won't let these ideas decay.
We won't let these words die on our lips.
We won't.

As I look myself in the mirror asking "Have I been here before?"
Frustration, inaction, and boredom
It won't get me now, won't get me now.

We won't decay, keep pressing on....
Track Name: Under Quarantine
We're feeling so insulated, so safe and secure
Is there an outlet?
Is there a plan?

With dated perspectives, blazing no trails
Content with living in a vacuum
The methods are flawed and we're tipping the scales
No balance, no reason.

Wash, rinse repeat.
The keys to knowledge and power we cannot afford.
Wash, rinse repeat.
Cameras in classrooms and locks on all doors.

I'm done walking circles.
It's time to understand.
This machine has been broken.
Though it's construction was planned.

Our hearts, our minds, our dreams are locked behind...