Never Suspend Disbelief

by One Win Choice



Full Length CD/Digital Download available through Jump Start Records.


released October 23, 2007

Recorded/Mixed at Clay Creek by Nick Rotundo.
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side.



all rights reserved


One Win Choice New Jersey

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Track Name: Bury Them
Bury them, with thousands of voices.
Bury them, by creating these noises.
Bury them, and their mass deceptions,
Bury them, with ideas and questions.

And we're coming down so hard,
You run the fuse, I'll light the bomb.
And we're coming down so hard,
You make the call, I'll lead the charge.

I’ll lead the charge…
Against the ones who rob the joy and love from our lives.
Against the ones who send our family and friends off to die.
Against the ones who preach hatred to vulnerable eyes.
Against the tired rhetoric of our leaders we all despise.

Against the ones who…
Silence our voices
Censor these noises
Create deceptions
The ones who dodge all our questions.

We’ve had enough.
Track Name: All We Are
Place your hand inside mine
I’ll take you away
To a place with no struggle, a place with no pain
I “know” it’s impossible, or so they all say
An enemy on impulse, to conquer and prey

And we will find out…just how real or just how wrong this is.

Is this all we are? Is this all we're capable of?
Is this all we are? Slaves to our nature, bound to its fate?
Violence and hatred, suspicions and greed
A corrupt doctrine and dogmatic creed.
This isn't all we are...friendship, love, unity, and peace.

It's asleep in our hearts. We must reawaken it.
Rise up!